Retail & Catering

The Retail & Catering sector is the most diverse and complex of all of our sectors, and as the 'high street' has evolved, so has our data, knowledge and expertise, enable us to recognise the individual characteristics and factors affecting the wide variety of businesses that we value.

The trading fortunes of retail and catering businesses are affected not only by changes to the micro environment, in terms of competition and local customer demand, but also by macro economic changes, such as those currently experienced by the post office network and petrol filling stations.

Our expertise across a wide variety of business types affords us an appreciation of the impact of such changes and enables us to properly reflect the risk of such to both trading potential and value.

This is recognised by the wide range of clients who commission our reports, such as accountants and solicitors, or lenders wishing to assess the suitability of a business as security.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a sample report specific to your business property sector.

Case Studies